Friday, November 19, 2010

The Stranger Part 1

The Stranger Part 1

In the passage when Raymond went back to look for the Arab mans for revenge and this time he has a gun and it was a very hot day including to the protagonist and the narrator of the story Meursault. Albert Camus suggest that human life has no purpose. And the only certain thing in life is death because all human will eventually meet death and lives are meaningless to where Raymond almost killed the Arab Mas as the sun beating down on Meursault

the protagonist, Meursault is a very emotionless guy who simply does not care about anything in the world. And its very surprising when we see the protagonist trying to calm Raymond down from doing something he would regret by shooting the Arab man. And luckily for the Arab man they were able to run away all thanks to an emotionless guy witch is very ironic that Meursault tried saving their lives.

In the passage Meursault starts walking on the beach by himself. The heat and the glare of the sun strike him like it did on the day of his mom funeral when he showed no emotions. And we can see that the sun is an important symbol in this book witch comes up in the most important passage. “My head ringing from the sun....” (pg. 57). the Author consistently uses the sun as a tool to represent the antagonism in the Novel.

In the Novel the sun plays around with Meursault emotions making him not care about anything such as when his mom died and when Marie told him that she loved him and he did not care. But at the same time Meursault is also honest witch means he does not think of hiding his lack of feeling by shedding false tears over his mother death witch can probably effect his life later on in this chapter.

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