Friday, October 1, 2010


Hi my name is Ravix Dupervil. I am from haiti and I live in Malden, I speak only two and a half languages, I speak fully creole and english but half french. I love reading books, I have difficulties reading shakespeare book but other than shakespeare I love reaing about high school books or teen books or nonfiction book because they are interesting. the only thing Iam not really good at is writing, I hate writing essays, but beside that I am a good students becuase I respect my teachers and do my work in class and pay attention when the teacher is talking. I try not to get in trouble, sometimes I really get lazy to do my homework and sometimes daydreaming about other stuff instead of paying attention when the teacher is talking, those are the two problems I need to work on in order to graduate my senior year. I dont mind being friends with anyone as long as they wanna be friends with me first. when it comes to thinking iam not the best at doing that because my head hurts when I think too much thats one reason why this essay about me is not that long:)

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