Wednesday, October 20, 2010

College Essay

Hi, my name is Ravix Dupervil and I am from Haiti. I think myself as a kind, nice and very honest person and I am always respectful to any adult that respect me back. The most memorable moment in my life is when my mom told me she loves me for the first time. the most important thing in my life is my mom and my little brother, i love them so much those two special person means the world to me. the one thing that is missing in my life is my father its been more then 5 years since i havent seen him or talk to him. My mother is the most influenced person in my life. She is a blessing from almighty God. God couldn't be everywhere at once, so He created mothers. She posses the gift of birth she is the door to all life. My mom expresses her love selflessly. She continually gives, caring for me, encouraging me daily, weekly, monthly, yearly until the day she can serve me no more. The only thing that would stop her from loving me so much is death. My mom has set great examples in my life. Because of her lover I learn to love myself and other people that I care about. She pushes me out into the world. Her love is perfect and the tears she sheds are many. We can never understand although we see her tears. If I could taste her tears it would be an exciting flavor of joy, pain, hurt and especially struggle. She deserves admiration and appreciation. She is a tough independent woman who has always moved forward and kept my family together. She had always been there for me during my entire life, she taught me not to pretend to be someone I am not, taught me how to be kind and respectful to other people. I remember I once brought something for my mom, she hanged it in her room and it felt to me like one of the few bonds between us. My mom moved to U.S five years ago and been a nurse assistant her whole life who would be describe as a hero because ever since 5 years she took care of me and little brother without the help of my dad who decided to live by himself.
One person I regret having in my life is my dad. When I use to live in Haiti my mom and my dad would always fight everyday. And i watched in horror as dad cheated on mom until the divorce came. The after me and my mom and my little brother who was 8 years old back moved to U.S and since then I never seen my dad again. The scars still hurt occasionally knowing that I would never see my dad again. I don’t believe in looking back other than focus on where I’m going in life, I refuse to look back with regret, because I know I can’t change anything now, and I choose to be happy with what I have.

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